Spider Veins


Spider or thread veins are red or bluish in colour and appear on the skin surface.  They are mainly found on the legs and face but can be found anywhere on the body.

Spider veins can occur for a number of reasons including injury, obesity and can be associated with occupations involving prolonged standing.  In addition they can be associated with underlying varicose veins which may not be obvious due to their deeper location in the leg.  Lastly spider veins may have been inherited.


There are two options for treating Spider Veins.  These are:

Microsclerotherapy-involves the injection of a medicine into the spider veins through a very fine needle. This has the effect of closing the vessel.  These veins are abnormal not needed by the body and so there is no problem closing these veins. Generally spider veins in the legs are fed by deeper and slightly larger blue/green reticular veins which also need to be treated. Occasionally spider veins in the legs can be as a result of incompetence in the larger varicose veins. If this is the case the varicose veins need to be treated first.  This can be determined with a consultation.  Microsclerotherapy takes 15 to 45 minutes and involve several tiny injections. Most people find the injections slightly "stingy" but not really painful. No pain relief or anaesthetics are required. The treatment can usually be completed in 1 treatment but may require more for larger areas. Each treatment costs anywhere between NZ$150-$500 depending on the area to be treated.  

ELOS IPL/Radiofrequency-ELOS is a gentle no-downtime light therapy that targets haemoglobin in blood cells to improve broken capillaries in the skin (usually in the face but other areas can also be treated). In addition the radiofrequency part of ELOS targets the deep dermis layer in the skin to treat the blood vessels of rosacea.  Using two different energies at lower individual strengths leads to better results in a safer and more comfortable way with no downtime.  ELOS feels slightly tingly, or like a light pinch. ELOS is more comfortable than other laser technology.  In well-trained hands (found at The Chandler Clinic) side effects are very rare. The average ELOS procedure takes around 30-60 minutes. You may be slightly pinker than normal afterwards and any brown spots may become temporarily slightly darker after a treatment but these can be covered with makeup before you leave.  There is no downtime as you can return straight to work after the treatment. 

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