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Moles, Melanoma and Other Skin Cancers

Dermoscopy Diagnosis of Melanoma now at The Chandler Clinic

Melanoma (a dangerous and life-threatening form of skin cancer) is becoming more frequent and early removal (which depends on early diagnosis) is still the only cure.

Dermoscopy is an essential tool for the early diagnosis of melanoma. Dermoscopy uses magnification and specialised lighting to view any skin lesion and is harmless. Dermoscopy allows the user to see structures below the surface of the skin. Borderline lesions can be closely observed with Dermoscopy and benign (safe) lesions can be confidently diagnosed without the need for biopsy. Dermoscopy is also increasingly useful in the diagnosis of non-pigmented (coloured) skin lesions and inflammatory skin lesions. Dermoscopy may be up to 15 times more accurate than clinical diagnosis (using naked eye exam) and reduces the number of benign (normal) lesions removed by 42%.

Dr Tracy Chandler has certification in Dermoscopy from Cardiff University in the UK.

Make an appointment today and feel reassured about your skin lesions / moles /freckles with the latest technology and skills at The Chandler Clinic.

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