Dermastamp & PRP Combined

"To Tracy and her staff at the Chandler Clinic. This is now the second day since completing my second Dermastamp + PRP treatment. Communication, reassurance and professionalism come naturally and the overall atmosphere makes it very hard to stay awake! Dare I say that today my skin looks fabulous. Outer and inner wellbeing work together. The Team at the Chandler Clinic supply both."  - Name Supplied 11/12/2015

"I am writing in my mid fifties and this year I was introduced to a beauty treatment called Derma stamp and PRP. With the aging process becoming visible to my face and being told of the great results of this process I have nothing to lose: After 3 treatments, I am now starting to see great results – Lines on my face have become less noticeable, my skin looks fresh, and friends are saying gosh you look good, without knowing what I have had done. I have booked a 4th treatment and I’m sure looking forward to seeing further great results. This treatment is amazing without a doubt." - Name Supplied 20/11/2015 JM

Scars: Dermastamp and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments
"It has been a little over two months since my last combined treatment of PRP and Dermastamp and I have already begun to notice some improvement (at least a 40%) in the areas that have been treated. I have noticed the most improved area is the scars on my upper thighs, which once were very bright and obvious, but now I struggle to notice them at a distance and can only really see them up close. I have had several comments from friends on how they have really noticed an improvement in my scars, and this has really boosted my confidence and self-esteem. I am very grateful for ACC’s support in the treatment I have received thus far, as otherwise this treatment would have unobtainable." - Name Supplied SL 01/02/2016


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