"Every time I derma-roll I get more improvement. The pigment seems to be coming back and the scars are far less noticeable and have filled in allot and diminished in size. Thank you to you and the team for all the work you have done for me and a special thanks to April for setting me up with the derma-roller as The scars are boarding on not being noticeable at all and I think with time I might be able to get rid of them completely." – J.S

IPL facial rejuvination treatment

"Over the past few years I have been having regular IPL facial rejuvination treatments. Most during the winter months as that suits me best. The first few times I noticed the greatest difference. Such a change to skin pigmentation and pore size and greatly reduced redness in the cheek area. I now try and have either one or two treaments each winter to keep on top ot it and I also enjoy better skin texture. Treatment is under an hour and although not entirely painless a cool gel is smoothed on the skin beforehand helped along by cooling fan blowing over your face. I find concentrating on my breathing works wonders. When finished you just feel a warm glow for a while and as long as you have a good sun block on you are set for the rest of your day. I am really happy I decided to carry on with IPL as knowing my skin is in good condition makes me feel more confident." - AS

PRP with Dermastamp treatment

"I have recently finished three treatments of PRP with Dermastamp and wanted to let you know how wonderful my skin is looking and feeling. Family and Friends are telling me I look ten years younger. My skin is smoother, firmer, smaller pores, fine wrinkles gone and pigmentation on side of face nearly disappeared. I always enjoy coming to The Chandler Clinic as you Ladies are so Professional and Charming." - SP

Dermastamp & PRP Combined

"To Tracy and her staff at the Chandler Clinic. This is now the second day since completing my second Dermastamp + PRP treatment. Communication, reassurance and professionalism come naturally and the overall atmosphere makes it very hard to stay awake! Dare I say that today my skin looks fabulous. Outer and inner wellbeing work together. The Team at the Chandler Clinic supply both."  - Name Supplied 11/12/2015

"I am writing in my mid fifties and this year I was introduced to a beauty treatment called Derma stamp and PRP. With the aging process becoming visible to my face and being told of the great results of this process I have nothing to lose: After 3 treatments, I am now starting to see great results – Lines on my face have become less noticeable, my skin looks fresh, and friends are saying gosh you look good, without knowing what I have had done. I have booked a 4th treatment and I’m sure looking forward to seeing further great results. This treatment is amazing without a doubt." - Name Supplied 20/11/2015 JM

Scars: Dermastamp and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments
"It has been a little over two months since my last combined treatment of PRP and Dermastamp and I have already begun to notice some improvement (at least a 40%) in the areas that have been treated. I have noticed the most improved area is the scars on my upper thighs, which once were very bright and obvious, but now I struggle to notice them at a distance and can only really see them up close. I have had several comments from friends on how they have really noticed an improvement in my scars, and this has really boosted my confidence and self-esteem. I am very grateful for ACC’s support in the treatment I have received thus far, as otherwise this treatment would have unobtainable." - Name Supplied SL 01/02/2016

Laser Hair Removal

I have always had a lot of trouble with waxing and shaving 'down below' resulting in sore, inflamed spots and a very tender, scarred, red looking area. I began to feel very embarrassed and upset about the way it was looking and feeling. I have now had about 6 treatments of Laser Hair Removal and the whole top/bikini line area is now smooth and spot free and I get almost no hair growth. I only have to go back about 1-2 times a year for touch ups. I am so, so thankful for the great results, I am now pain free and feel a lot better about myself. I wish I had taken before and after photos to show the massive improvement! Definitely recommend to anyone. SL


Dr Tracy Chandler

I recently visited Tracy and her girls at The Chandler Clinic in Timaru. I absolutely enjoyed my experience there. Her clinic as very special, nothing like other "clinical " places I have experienced. It is quiet and quite lovely, very unique. Tracy really knows her stuff. I have experienced a reasonable amount of Appearance Medicine " and I found her to be right up there with her knowledge. I felt complete confidence in her and will go out of my way to go to her in the future, I tell people about her, I am so impressed! Tracy is generous with her advise ( something I have found lacking ), so I can look forward to more improvements. I am thrilled I have discovered Tracy.
- Name supplied 14/01/2015

April Neilson

CC-April-160614-320"I attended an appointment at your clinic in July 2014 with your therapist April Neilson. I am writing this to say how much I enjoyed the experience and how impressed I was with April’s knowledge of the products that she was using, the follow up information she gave me and the relaxed energy that April created made the whole experience a most enjoyable and memorable time, since attending I have excitedly chatted with not just friends but business colleges alike and shared the great things your clinic as on offer. So thank you ever so much April and I look forward to seeing you all again soon. Warmest Regards" - FR


"I have recently had Botox treatment. Being my first time having this treatment I was a little unsure what to expect. Tracy made me feel very relaxed and comfortable she was is very informative of the procedure there was nothing to worry about. I now feel I have more confidence thank you Tracey. All the staff are lovely and very helpful, I highly recommend the Chandler Clinic". - DM Name supplied 21/05/2015

"I have recieved Botox in my underarms for excessive sweating three times now from Dr. Chandler. Every experience at the clinic is extremely welcoming and I have never felt awkward or ashamed of getting this done. It has been incredibly beneficial to me and I no longer excessively sweat, I used to find myself very self conscious of this situation and it stopped me from wearing coloured clothing and enjoying myself in more active situations. After treatment I still wear anti-perspirant deodorant but I do not find myself sweating even when just sitting down doing nothing or when it is cold as I use to. I highly recommend this for anyone who has any concerns about their sweating and finds themselves continuously worried about it as I use to be. I am so much more confident and have found in my personal experience that the length between treatments has extended each time also. It has been amazing how well it has worked.  Thankyou Tracy for being so informative and honest when I first enquired about this procedure and for how much this has helped. - Thankyou!" KB

ELOS Hair Removal / Reduction

"Hair removal is actually made into a very pleasant and relaxing experience at the Chandler Clinic. Tracy, Debbie and Sally made me feel very special and comfortable. My Elos IPL treatments have been very successful in slowing down and stopping hair growth. Tracy is absolutely lovely and I have complete confidence in her. Thanks Tracy". - MM (name and address supplied)

"Laser Hair Removal at The Chandler Clinic. Wow, what can I say, I started with my upper lip, the results were so amazing, I had to keep going.   Next underarm, Bikini line and legs, absolutely thrilled with the results.   No more waxing for me. The Skin Therapist Caroline is highly profesional and lovely." -(full name supplied Feb 2014)

Rosacea - pulsed light therapy treatment

"The results have delighted me, a significant improvement is obvious, gone are the days of anxious scanning my appearance in the mirror for the worst”.
It came as a huge disappointment to me at age of about 50 when almost overnight i developed a condition known medically as rosacea. I guess i was a prime candidate for this as i am fair skinned, had not taken much care of my self in respect of sunscreen or moisturizers, as a typical man with a “she will be right” attitude. I now found myself suddenly confronted with the “adult acne” coupled with large blotchy red areas on my face. Initially i assumed it would go away. That did not happen, and over several years various “treatments” were experimented with without any success. I became almost resigned to this being a part of my life and very frustrated about my appearance as i am in an occupation which requires a lot of public contact. It became aware of a treatment loosely referred to as pulsed light therapy. This process on further study seemed to offer a way out and after contacting Dr Chandler at the cosmetic medicine clinic commenced treatment. As a man, this was initially not easy. After all, the stereotype would seem to me that this procedure was more for women i nevertheless persevered. The [laser skin rejuvenation] results have delighted me, a significant improvement is obvious, gone are the days of anxious scanning my appearance in the mirror for the worst, a feeling of normality is returning after my many years. This is evidenced by comment(s) of those who i associate with who have witnessed the change. My recommendation in respect of this form of treatment for the condition? Absolutely positive. Along with the understanding and consideration of those carrying out the procedure, i believe this therapy is a valuable asset to people such as myself who have had an awareness and self consciousness about appearance and need treatment that works. - M.A (full name and address supplied) 16/04/07

Snoring - snore-op treatment

"i was so embarrassed waking to find my husband was wearing industrial ear-muffs in bed next to me! ... For the first time i slept with the door open ”

Dear Dr Chandler, Thank you for changing my life in a way i had not dreamed possible. Snoring was such a humiliating experience and my self-confidence was very low. I was so embarrassed waking to find my husband was wearing industrial ear-muffs in bed next to me! The jokes and taunts wear very thin and it was very hurtful to hear others make fun of you. I would always wake tired because i would wait until everyone was asleep first and then i could still hear myself snoring as i nodded off. Never did i think it was possible to have an answer to my problem – minor treatments never did any good at all. Snore-op was a miracle answer and i was so happy when i had the chance to give it a go — hope at last. Imagine how thrilled i was when i had come down the scale from a 10 to a 4 — (unbelievable) the first go. After the second treatment i got down to a 1 and for the first time i slept with the door open. I didn't need to hide away in shame and it felt good. You will never know how much this means to someone who has this dreadful affliction but by writing this letter to you i hope i can give you some deeper understanding / insight to what a difference you have made to me. Really, i cannot thank you enough dr chandler for your caring and respect. - Yours sincerely r. C (full name and address supplied) 3/7/06


"Fillers are gods gift to people with facial lines"

Skin Firming Treatment

"The attention & [skin firming] treatment i received at the chandler clinic has helped me on the road to getting back my confidence. I have received comments from people that i am looking younger"


"i really do appreciate the service you give to your clients - it makes it a pleasure to visit your surgery. Keep up the good work and know that you do make a difference to a lot of people"


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