Infusions and Medi facials


A wonderfully pampering treatment combining facial massage, hot towels and highly sought after active ingredients.  We start with a double cleanse, then onto polish a firming  cranberry enzyme/peptide pre mask to deeply clean and soften skin, a facial massage combining a specialized healing mud and facial oil, next a divine certified organic or herbal mask will be applied dependant on skin condition, finally a  cocktail of serums with your skin type in mind will be applied followed by SPF application. Price can be tailored if a course is needed.

Facial infusions

The first transformative non acid peel in the skincare industry.  Infuses the skin using liposomal delivery with calming, antibacterial and dermal remodeling ingredients making this the most gentle and significant treatment in the beauty field.  It creates a substantial increase in fibroblast activity (produces more collagen and elastin), normalizes sebum output, thickens the dermis where aging occurs, lifts hyper pigmentation (scars/freckles/age spots), reduces fine lines, restores capillary flow thus increasing nutrition in the skin and last but not least heals and red or inflamed spots.  A highly active treatment with great results. A course is recommended.

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