Sunescape Spray Tan


Natural looking tan - that's great for your skin!

HR-Sunescape-range-webWith added vitamins, antioxidants and hydrating oils, our proprietary formula gives you more than just a natural looking and feeling tan. It also enriches the skin with anti-ageing, hydrating and skin firming ingredients, leaving your skin smooth and replenished. 

  • 2 hour rapid tan
  • Natural bronze colour
  • Moisturising, nourishing and great for your skin
  • Long lasting
  • Fades naturally without any patchiness

Sunescape formula is also made with natural ingredients and Eco Cert approved DHA, and is FREE from alcohol, parabens, petrochemicals, and animal cruelty. Inspired by the tropics, ingredients include: Macadamia Nut oil, Coconut oil, Avocado oil, Aloe Vera, Kakadu Plum, Kiwi Seed Oil, Green Tea, Grape Seed Extract, Vitamin E, Argan Oil.

Our clients at the Chandler Clinic love Sunescape because:

  1. Best colours on the market. Looks and feels amazing on the skin.
  2. Natural, Organic Ecocert DHA.
  3. Lasts 7-10 days, fades naturally.
  4. Is not sticky.
  5. Fast drying.
  6. Great smelling, coconut and vanilla.
  7. Added skin benefits – added ingrediants for hydration and skin protection include coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, avocado oil, and antioxidants Vitamin E. Kakadu Plum (for vit C), Grape seed and Green Tea extract.
  8. Paraben free.
  9. Alcohol free.
  10. Best packaging and presentation on the market.

3 colours of Pro spray

Sunescape is your ticket to that post-holiday glow, without leaving home. Its lush coconut vanilla scent was also developed to conjure thoughts of the perfect tropical escape. Who wants a spray tan that looks like you’ve had a spray tan? Instead, after a Sunescape tan, people will be asking you “where have you been?”


Light – “a Weekend in Bondi”
For those with pale skin, ‘Weekend in Bondi’ will provide a subtle, sun kissed tan, great for a winter pick-me-up to put a glow back in your cheeks, or even for those bronzed bunnies wanting slightly more depth to their own natural tan. A perfect choice for brides, bridesmaids, first-time tanners or guys that don’t want their mates to know they’ve had a fake tan!


SUNESCAPE-formula-fijiMedium – “a Week in Fiji”
A more noticeable bronze, ‘Week in Fiji’ will give an instant self-esteem boost and have you looking 5kgs lighter! Your teeth will look whiter, eyes clearer and skin flawlessly bronzed. 
Our most popular colour, this ‘destination’ will give you a natural, healthy, holiday tan that is suitable for most skin tones and great for any occasion.


SUNESCAPE-formula-mauiDark – “a Month in Maui”
As the name suggests, ‘Month in Maui’ will develop into a deep, dark bronze and have you looking like you’ve enjoyed an extended, sun-soaked holiday. I
f you want a dramatic result, along with a major confidence boost, this is your colour! Offering a noticeably deeper bronze,  this shade is great before a beach holiday, or during summer when most people have quite a bit of colour.


Also ask about our:

  • Hydrating Self -Tan Mousse – a week in Fiji – brilliant colour and non sticky feel. Beautifully hydrates skin.
  • Self Tan Applicator Mitt – best one out there, softer, thicker and fits hand firmly so doesn't slip and turn. Makes application a dream!
  • Hydrating Shower Gel – Free from sulphates and hhelps extend the life of the tan – smells stunning, coconut and vanilla.
  • Hydrating Body Butter – gorgeous hydration, same stunning coconut and vanilla smell.
  • Tan Removal Mitt.

Your Sunescape checklist for the perfect natural fake tan

Whether you’re spending a Weekend in Bondi, a Week in Fiji, or a Month in Maui, here’s what you need to look your best…

Pre Tan 

  • Exfoliate prior to tanning to remove any dead skin cells and/or previous tan.
  • We recommend using the Sunescape Tan Removal Mitt. 
  • Do not wax or shave at least 24 hours prior to tanning

Day of Tan

  • Do not moisturise or wear deodorant or perfume prior to tanning. Tans work best on dry, unperfumed skin
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing (preferably black) to avoid rubbing the tan off and staining of clothes on the day of your tan. Wear slip on shoes if possible
  • Do not shower, exercise vigorously, sweat or get wet for at least 2 hours after being tanned (you can leave the tan longer if you like)

Post Tan

  • Avoid waxing after your tan. This will remove the tan
  • Avoid the use of soaps and body washes that contain the ingredient Sodium Laurel Sulfate. We recommend the use of Sunescape’s Hydrating Shower Gel
  • Avoid long hot showers/baths and prolonged swimming to lengthen your tan
  • To maintain your tan, keep your skin hydrated by alternating between Sunescape’s Gradual Tan Extender and Hydrating Body Butter

Benefits of spray tanning

Spray tanning is one of the most efficient ways to get the bronzed glow you want, without the harmful effects of UV sun exposure and tanning beds. As we are all aware, skin that is overexposed to the sun or UV is far more prone to sunburn, skin conditions, premature ageing and most ominously, skin cancer. While the sun is vital in providing us vitamins and minerals that we need to be healthy, overexposure can be dangerous and even life threatening.

With Sunescape, not only can you attain a natural-looking tan – one so good your friends will be asking “where have you been?” – but you will achieve that tan the safe and healthy way, and “escape” the dangers of UV sun exposure.

The benefits of spray tanning also extend into the psychological arena. Let’s be honest – we all feel better when we have a tan. Who isn’t happier sporting a healthy looking radiance, than pale, pasty skin? As they say, look good, feel good!

As well as giving you a gorgeous bronzed glow, Sunescape is also packed with nourishing, hydrating ingredients including coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, kiwi seed extract, avocado oil, vitamin C and vitamin E to repair, soften and rejuvenate skin.

The beauty of spray tanning doesn’t stop there, either. Spray tanning offers a long list of other benefits, including:

  • An even, streak-free tan – the fine mist allows an even application all over, with no patchiness, and our new and improved technology means you don’t have to worry about going orange.
  • The ability to stay tanned year round, helping you to look thinner and healthier instantly, boosting self confidence.
  • Evening skin tone and hiding blemishes and imperfections, including stretch marks and varicose veins.
  • Choice as to the depth of colour you want, with our three “destinations” – Weekend Bondi (light), Week in Fiji (medium) or Month in Maui (dark).
  • It’s fast – in only 15 minutes you can go from being pale and white to having a deep bronzed tan, and our rapid two hour formula means that you can shower after just two hours, while your tan continues to develop.

Get your tan the healthy way with Sunescape, because lets face it, you look better brown!



"I have finally tried all 3 shades and they are beyond amazing. Seriously the best solution I have ever used (and I have tried them all)! I had outstanding feedback from my models too, they loved it. Super excited to start offering Sunescape exclusively at Bronze Beach- there’s really are no comparison". - Jackie Smyth

"I was drawn to Sunescape because I wanted a natural looking tan. Don’t get me wrong, I still wanted a dark tan! I just didn’t want it to look too fake, unnaturally dark, or too orange. I am so happy – Sunescape achieved the perfect result for my skin tone and it is now my brand of choice". - Paula Bentley

"The thing that struck me most about my Sunescape tan was that it continued to develop into a rich colour up to three days after my tan, and it lasted for 10 days! Previously my tans used to last four to five days at best. I feel Sunescape gives me the best value for money of any tan I have tried". - Sylvia Gentle

"I love being tanned, however used to only get spray tans sporadically because I am very susceptible to dry skin, and spray tans seemed to make it worse. Not with Sunescape! I actually feel like it moisturises my skin, while leaving me looking like I just got back from a holiday. I am very happy I have found a tan that works on my dry skin".Sienna Roberts

"After years of switching between all the top tanning brands, my endless search for the perfect tanning product is finally over. From its effortless application, delicious scent and natural long-lasting colour that leaves my skin feeling flawless, Sunescape is everything I have ever wanted in a fake tan and more. I can now flaunt a gorgeous sun kissed tan year round, with peace of mind that I am also being kind to my skin. Best of all, I have received more compliments on my tan than ever since using Sunescape, so the results speak for themselves. I would highly recommend Sunescape to all my fellow tanners – once you make the swap, you won’t look back". - Kate Fitzsimmons




How do I prepare for a spray tan?

Exfoliate For the best results, we recommend skin to be thoroughly exfoliated prior to spraying. Exfoliating helps to remove any dead skin cells and enables the skin to absorb the tanning solution more effectively and evenly. We recommend using Sunescape Body Scrub to help exfoliate your skin and using the Sunescape Shower Gel to clean and prepare the skin.

Hair Removal Hair Removal should be done a minimum 24hours prior to spray tanning. For waxing, we would even recommend 48hours prior so that the skin has had plenty of time to calm and minimise any possible irritation. Waxing should never be done straight after a spray tan as this will remove the tan.

Deodorant/Perfume/Moisturizer If possible, please do not wear any deodorant, perfume or moisturizer before your spray tan. If you have applied deodorant in the morning, ensure that it is removed at the salon prior to your spray. The spray tan reacts with the deodorant and perfume and will cause a green ting to the skin, which will also result in the tan not adhering and developing in that area. Please also ensure that you have not applied any moisturizer directly before a spray tan as the tan will not adhere to the skin very well.

What should I wear?

It is best to wear loose dark clothing on the day, for comfort when departing and to avoid staining clothes. If possible, it is better to not wear a bra after your tan. We also recommend slip on shoes. Any tight clothing after a spray tan e.g. clothes/ socks/ bras etc will wipe the tan straight off and result in that patch of skin staying white. A disposable g-string should be offered, or if you would prefer we recommend dark underwear to be worn. Remove contact lenses and all jewelry prior to tanning, and don’t forget to have your hair tied up off your shoulders. We also recommend that no makeup is worn on the day, however this is not necessary if you do not wish to tan your face.

How long will my spray tan last? How Can I make it last longer?

Results may vary with different skin types and depending on the post care of your tan. However most tans will last between 7-10 days, some lasting for 2 weeks.
To prolong the life of the tan, we advise all Sunescape tanners to:
Avoid long hot showers and baths in the coming week.
Avoid prolonged swimming in chlorine/saltwater pools and spas
Avoid excessive exercise and sweating. This can cause the tan to fade faster
Avoid the use of soap or body wash products that contain the ingredient Sodium Laurel Sulphate. We recommend using the Sunescape Shower Gel.
Moisturize skin morning and night using Sunescape’s Hydrating Body Butter or Tan Extender, to help extend the life of your tan.

How long until I can have a shower?

Our tans are Rapid 2hr tans meaning that you can shower after only 2 hours. Following your shower, the tan will continue to develop for a further 6-8 hrs. Don’t panic if you feel that your colour isn’t dark enough, the tan will continue to develop and will not have reached its full colour until the next day. If you wish, you can leave the tan on for a little longer, this will not create any problems if you wish to leave it on longer.

Why use Sunescape?

Sunescape promises to provide clients with the best, most natural-looking spray tan possible – one that feels as good as it looks! Our formulas are FREE from alcohol, parabens and petrochemicals. Sunescape also uses less bronzing accelerants that can sometimes cause your tan to develop with an orange tinge. The range is enriched with nourishing ingredients such as hydrating coconut, macadamia and avocado oils which ensures your tan doesn’t dry out your skin, is long lasting and fades evenly. And best of all, the yummy coconut scent will make you feel like you have been lazing on the beach in Maui.
We recommend choosing an approved professional salon where you can be assured that the products are not over sprayed.

What if I don’t have time to get a Spray tan?

Sunescape have developed an easy to use Self Tanning Mousse, which ensures quick easy application in the convenience of your own home in your own time, without the mess! We also have tanning mitts available to ensure you don’t end up with the dreaded brown stained hands and will give you an even finish with no streaks!

Is Spray Tanning safe and can you have a spray tan if pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes! Just remember the tanning solution does not contain any SPF sun protection, so ensure that an approved SPF is worn prior to sun exposure. DHA and erythrulose won’t harm your baby if you use them as a mousse, cream or wipe. When rubbed onto your skin, DHA doesn’t go beyond the top cell layer. This means they aren’t absorbed into your system. As your skin is constantly renewing itself, the fake tan fades as the skins cells are shed. 

However, if you use a fake tan spray or a spray-tanning booth, then you may inhale some of the DHA or erythrulose. Therefore, we always recommend our clients to wear a mask and if pregnant, we would recommend you to speak to your doctor first, or use our DIY mousse and Gradual tan.

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