Problematic or Imbalanced


Our Rebalance line of skincare is often prescribed by Beauty Therapists to their clients who are having great difficulty with their skin due to an imbalance in the Acid Mantle and damage caused by using harsh products that have stripped and created an imbalance for their skin. It is the perfect range for stressed, problematic and imbalanced skins, with gentle and effective results for blemishes and breakouts caused by Hormonal Imbalances, for both younger skins and for those experiencing menopause.

REBALANCE CLEANSER- This is the perfect cleanser for stressed, problematic or imbalanced skins. The natural extracts, Vitamins and oils moisturise your Lipid Barrier while rebalancing your skin. The highest quality Activated Charcoal absorbs and gently cleans away the skins bacteria. With added Vitamin C, Green Tea, Rooibos and White Tea, to increase antioxidant levels making this a very effective cleanser and one of our biggest selling cleansers.

REBALANCE TONER- This is the perfect toner for stressed, problematic Acne Rosacea or pH compromised skin types. Packed full of skin soothing, clearing and balancing extracts such as Rose Distillate, Organic Lavender, Organic Calendula, Organic Chamomile Green Tea, NZ Manuka Honey, Organic Oatstraw and Aloe Leaf Juice.

REBALANCE MOISTURISER- This Moisturiser suits stressed, blemished and confused skin types. An amazing moisturiser that balances, heals irritation, and gently clarifies the skin. Has a non-oily but deeply nourishing feel that your skin will appreciate. It finishes the healing and balancing process by creating a protective barrier between your skin and harsh environmental elements. A top selling moisturiser for Saboré with an amazing array of ingredients such as the proven strong natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities of NZ Honey, Organic Red Clover Extract, Organic Echinacea Extract, Organic Neem Seed Extract, Organic Lemongrass Extract and Vitamin C to stimulate new growth of tissue, calm, heal, balance and restore.

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