Why Osmosis

osmosis logoOsmosis uses the most advanced ingredients for skin maintenance and repair with facial products that are safe to use on the most sensitive skin.

why1 100% guaranteed results Free of parabens, artificial fragrances, 
SLS's and additives
6-10 times greater absorption rate 
than virtually any other skin care range
Focus is on feeding the dermis with 
ingredients that our skin receptors recognise
Uses more active ingredients per serum 
 than any other line in the world
Eliminating inflammation during repair and 
feeding the skin through an increased blood flow
Medical Strength products using all natural 
and chirally correct ingredients
Works on every skin condition on every skin type

Osmosis feeds and stimulates the skin to increase cell renewal without damaging the epidermis (the protective barrier). Osmosis uses 8+ liposome-coated collagen/elastin stimulators that are only made in the dermis to make real changes in the deep layers in your skin where aging occurs. Osmosis is the first to offer liposome delivered growth stem cell growth factors and DNA repair strategies using Zinc Finger Technology TM.

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