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A Word from Dr Tracy Chandler…..
Introducing our new Sister Business Dr Wellness – below you will find an introduction on how Integrative Medicine can help you.

Welcome to the first in a bi-monthly series of columns on Integrative Medicine.  Integrative Medicine is also known as Functional, Nutritional and Environmental, Wellness or Holistic Medicine.  It is unique in that it treats the whole person, taking into account psychological, environmental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.  This specialty is hugely popular in America and is growing over here, as more people seek natural and holistic solutions to health problems that conventional medicine cannot provide. 
New on our Dr Wellness Blog

Skin Health
As I said in July’s blog our skin (and health) is affected by what we eat and we looked at what to eat. Your skin counts for around 15% of your body weight so needs nourishing as much as the rest of your body. In today’s column I will address what you should definitely NOT be eating to maintain good skin health and help slow down ageing.


Product of the month

Protect Ultra Sheer Sunscreen SPF 30 – 200ml

This non-nano zinc based sunscreen offers sheer, long lasting coverage and is great for all skin tones and ages. Zinc Oxide has the best broad spectrum coverage of all currently available sunscreens. Whether you’re planning on going out in the sun or going to the office, you’ll be protected and looking fabulous with this sheer, lightly hydrating formula.
  • Broad spectrum protection against UVA & UVB
  • Light hydration
  • Helps maintain barrier health
  • Slows signs and symptoms of aging skin
  • No chemical ingredients 100% plant based fragrance

Osmosis Conference in Queenstown
Osmosis is a complete holistic-medical skin and wellness solution designed to optimize the body’s rejuvenation process. Osmosis is aimed at the origin of imbalances to impart a real change without causing inflammation.
Last Monday I travelled to Queenstown to meet Dr. Ben Johnson the founder of Osmosis.  One of the key things we talked about on the course was the Inner Wellness.  Our organs organize trillions of activities every day.  They perform flawlessly unless burdened with toxicity which can be noticed by irregularities in the skin and body.  When your immune system is strong, it is capable of correcting virtually any disease and imbalance in the skin and body.  Gut health is a major organ for immune health.  By removing toxins from the body this improves our immune function and appearance.
  • Restore is a revolutionary new nutraceutical that combines modern technology and an ancient Chinese medical herb. Awarded for its sweet woodworm extract restore removes toxins, reduces inflammation, and repairs protein damage.  It has a remarkable ability to increase the health and strength the immune system.
  • Elevate ATP and DNA Repair works by giving all of the cell activators that are needed to encourage the formation of additional energy (ATP)
  • Harmonized water resets cell frequencies restoring the body to an optimal state by recalibrating imbalanced cells throughout the body and cancelling out harmful frequencies. Every cell in the body has its own frequency.  Harmonized water works by communicating therapeutic frequency messages imprinted on water.
Osmosis has over 20 internal solutions including capsule, elixir and water options. Remedies for energy, weight loss, digestion, immune support, hormone, detox and UV protection.

Upcoming Events

Catch us at the Geraldine Fete on Thursday November 4th from 10am – 4pm at Stover Farm. We will have vouchers and specials on Osmosis products available for purchase – just in time for Christmas.
For tickets and more info go to http://www.geraldinesummerfete.co.nz/


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