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NZSCM Conference 2015 - Highlights

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the state of the art 2015 NZ Society of Cosmetic Medicine Conference with a host of world leading Cosmetic Medicine experts. In this first of two columns I’ll summarise what’s new and improved in this area of medicine. Next month I'll finish off the highlights of this ground-breaking conference.

My favourite conference update was learning about MICROBOTOX. Microbotox is a treatment that involves spreading tiny amounts of super-diluted botox over a wide area of the face. This shrink pores and broken blood vessels (spider-veins) which cause uneven skin texture and colour. Therefore Microbotox gives an all over improvement in skin texture and appearance, thus refining your skin. Ask us how Microbotox can help you today!

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) which is my favourite treatment currently is proving immensely popular with athletes also. Top ranking athletes such as golfer Tiger Woods, tennis players Rafael Nadal and Maria Sharapova have used PRP for joint or ligament problems. Additionally, closer to home, all Aussie football league players have PRP injected into their joints and/or ligaments to prevent and heal damage. This is a great example of how powerful PRP and other stem cell therapies (e.g. bone marrow transplants) are.

The field of stem cell research is hugely expanding with around 4000 plus trials in progress currently. These trials include everything from growing new organs (e.g. hearts) all the way to skin rejuvenation, stretch mark softening and scar repair. The days of implanting artificial products in your face such as silicone or peeling off layers of skin with old fashioned skin peels will soon be over. Learn about state of the art stem cell therapies from us today.

Nurse injectors: There was plenty of talk about the problem of nurse injectors working un-supervised and with little training. This relates to nurses working in satellite clinics in smaller towns. The main issue is that their patients have less comeback if anything was to go wrong. There are plenty of great Cosmetic Medicine nurses working alongside doctors under a direct supervision arrangement. This means the nurse is working in the same building with their doctor supervisor who is available for advice and support.

If you have a Cosmetic Medicine treatment, you can be reassured by seeing a doctor who has undergone the NZ Society of Cosmetic Medicine (NZSCM) training program or a nurse who is directly supervised by one in the same clinic. Having undergone myself one of the first NZSCM training programs 10 years ago, I can testify to the extensive and thorough training required. Not only is this required initially but NZSCM doctors like myself have to undergo 3 yearly accreditation visits. NZSCM also requires that their doctors are full Fellows of the NZ College of General Practitioners, i.e. are fully approved and licensed GPs. So in a nutshell if you see a NZSCM doctor you are having a treatment by someone who has at least 4 years training and experience.

Next month the conference highlights include the latest on skin cancer. Talk to the experts at The Chandler Clinic for expert and up to date cosmetic medicine solutions.


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