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NZ Laser Training in the Media

Ruth couldn't believe it when she found an IPL home use kit for sale at a popular department store, so she took this story to the media..

Added: 7:35PM Monday June 08, 2015
Source: Seven Sharp
Huge struggle to police the booming IPL and laser hair removal industry.


We all know that the market is flooded with IPL machines and even Lasers which can be brought into NZ without any regulations, but did you know that now you can walk into a store and purchase a basic IPL machine without even being asked any questions? What this means for industry: People making the choice to try these devices will mean that they might be coming back into clinics with potential burns, blisters or just complaining of no results. The wavelength used is only 475nm, and the maximum fluence (energy) created is only a mere 5 joules, this combined with the fact the treatment window is very small means it would be underpowered and time consuming to use for hair reduction. It does work though... HOW?  - As long as the client is still using the device, the hair shaft will be weakened and the hair will fall out, unfortunately what people wont discover is that underpowered IPL or Laser devices actually contribute to 'LIH' - Light induced hypertrichosis, or stimulated hair growth.  If you missed seeing Seven Sharp, you can watch the Media Clip with Reporter Erin Conroy and Ruth's story here: READ AN ARTICLE ON THIS.




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