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Botox-Other areas of the face and neck

ChandlerClinic-TracyChandlerAs mentioned in previous Botox columns, Botox can help to prevent lines appearing in the first place. If you already have lines Botox prevents them from getting deeper. This is true of areas all over the face and neck. The most common areas I treat with Botox are lines in and around the frown, forehead and eyes. However, other areas of the face can be refreshed with Botox. The best thing about treating these other areas is that they often require very little Botox making them a very affordable way to rejuvenate the face.

‘Botox Brow Lift/Shape’
I often see people who wish to have their brows lifted. They may wish to have higher brows, brow-shaping or less baggy upper eyelids. Baggy upper eyelids can hinder our vision, make us look tired, and cause our mascara to end up on our upper eyelid. Botox can achieve a refreshing overall look by simply and easily lifting the brows. Virtually any shape can be achieved. For example a feminine flare of the outer part of the eyebrow is achievable and can be as subtle as you wish. The result is a natural enhancement that can delay the need for eyelift surgery.

‘Bunny lines’ ‘Bunny lines’ are lines either side of the top of the nose that are caused by squinting or sniffing. These can be treated with very little Botox in one or two spots either side of the nose.

The ‘Paula Ryan’ Lift Paula Ryan is reported to like Botox to her jaw line which she finds gives a lift as good as a face lift. The muscle in the neck that pulls down the lower face can be relaxed by Botox leading to a lift. A Botox face lift can delay or even prevent the need for a surgical face-lift for those considering this.

The ‘happy’ mouth As we get older our mouth corners turn down making us appear unhappy even if we are not. Botox in this area causes the mouth corners to lift up. This can turn a sad expression into a happier look that better reflects how we feel.

Lip lines Lines around the mouth appear in most people over time and again can be relaxed by Botox. Smoking, animated talking, drinking out of sipper bottles, genetics and skincare are all causes. The added advantage of Botox here is that it can help to give the appearance of a slightly fuller lip.

Neck lines The lines around the neck can also be easily treated with Botox to rejuvenate the neck. A persons’ age can often be given away by the appearance of their neck if they only concentrate on rejuvenating their face. Treating the neck with Botox allows the improvements in the face to flow on into the neck.

‘Gummy smile’ Some people when they smile show a lot of upper gum which they feel gives them a ‘horsey’ appearance. A small amount of Botox either side of the nostrils can easily turn a gummy smile into a more natural smile.

‘Popply chin’ Some clients come to me because they feel they have a dimply chin. A small amount of Botox here will smooth the appearance of the chin.

As you can see Botox has many uses. All of which provide an overall refreshment to our appearance. This can lead to great confidence that usually improves our interaction with others and our outlook on life.


ABOVE: BEFORE & AFTER Botulinum treatment when trying to frown - Results may vary



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