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Myths and facts about relaxing wrinkles and fine lines

ChandlerClinic-TracyChandlerThe only way to relax wrinkles and fine lines is with botulinum. Botulinum is a highly purified, naturally occurring protein produced in the same way as penicillin is made. There are two commercially available botulinum products on the market currently. One is Botox® and the other is Dysport®. Both relax muscles to help improve current wrinkles and fine lines and prevent new lines forming.

How safe is botulinum?
Botulinum is one of the oldest and most widely researched medictaions we have in medicine today, with 24 years of patient experience. Extensive clinical trials involving over 15000 patients have confirmed its safety and effectiveness. As a doctor I find this extremely reassuring-there are very few medications available with this kind of safety data and history. To ensure the best results, botulinum should only be administered by a doctor who has had specific training and who has qualifications to evaluate and determine the best treatment for you. Botulinum is widely used in medicine and has been for about 24 years. Medical uses of botulinum include, for example, prevention of migraine and treatment of excessive sweating; blepharospasm (excess eye blinking); squints; urine incontinence (from multiple sclerosis for example) and cervical dystonia (painful twisting of the neck).

What is the most common place to inject muscle relaxers?
The most common area is the upper face. The most frequent complaint I hear from clients is about “looking tired” and wanting to look “fresher” (not younger!). Botulinum helps with this by lifting the brow to open up and frame the eye area. The next most common treatment would be ‘crows feet’. I think a natural look suits people better and small amounts of botulinum is outstanding at keeping ‘crows feet’ under control by stopping them radiating down the cheek as well as preventing them getting worse as we age.

What about skincare companies that claim their creams are a natural alternative to botulinum?
Wrinkles and fine lines are formed by muscles under the skin, creasing the skin above them. Botulinum is a protein that works in specific parts of the muscle to relax it. There are no other agents available that can relax muscles. Even if you put botulinum in a cream there is no possible way that the botulinum protein can get through the skin to the muscle as it is too large.


ABOVE: BEFORE & AFTER Botulinum treatment - Results may vary




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